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M.C. Coperchio, F.L. Navarria, T. Rovelli
`` Simulation of the diffusion process on the Web''
Presentato fra i Poster Proceedings della
Third International WWW Conference (10-14 Aprile 1995, Darmstadt, Germania)
in `` Computer Based Training'' section.

M.C. Coperchio
`` Applicazione didattica realizzata utilizzando tecniche multimediali in WWW''(Luglio 1995)
(Tesi di laurea)

K. Huges
`` A guide to Cyberspace''(May 1994)

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Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 27 (1995) 887-896
Proceedings della Third International World-Wide-Web Conference

tiziano rovelli
Tue Oct 31 14:39:28 NFT 1995